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Trinity Prayer List

Trinity Prayer List

Trinity maintains a prayer list that is printed in The Good News Daily (the blue sheet) every week.  To add a name to the prayer list, contact our Office Manager by clicking here

Please remember in your daily prayers the following people who are sick or recuperating:

New names this week are listed in bold

Adam; Arthur; Betty; Bob; Buddy; Carla; Carolyn; Cija; Dale; Danny; David; Davis;  Dennis; Ester; Hallie; Heather; Jimmy D., Kathryn; Kit; Linda; Lucas; Paul; Rachel; Sam; Scott; Tammy, Tom; Tommy; William; Bob Aberg; Rob Allred; Carl Anderson; Janet Bailey; Anne Barge; Lily Bloss; Anne Blosser; Pat & Kelly Blosser; Kathleen Carroll; Chris Chewning; Jimmie D.; Carroll Daymude; Charlie Dickinson; Ron & Vivian Dobey; Joyce Fairbanks & family; Pearle Galatas; Rose Gallup; Don Glover; Donna Greenawalt; Marcie Greggs; Barbara Harkins; Dave Henderson; Torrence Harmon; Phyllis Holtman; JayeP Johnson; Ralph Johnson; Jen Kimball & Sven vanBaars; George King; Nick L.; Pam & Ralph Ladmirault; Ronnie Lambert; Bill Ledbetter; Bill Lenhart; Dennis Manning; Jessica Martin; Sarah Martin;  Caleb Merendino; Bill & Pat Minick; Cassie Newman;  George San Nicolas; John Powell; SJ Prakken; Pamela Rosedale; Sheila Vickers-Smith; Joy Snellings; Tom Specht; Charles Sydnor; Abigail Swink; the Tanner Family; Dan Tallett; Wesley Tallett; Weber and Edward Taylor; the Thomas Family; May Jane Tillman; Gerhard Vienna; Lionel Walls; Bob White; Tim Wienchowski; Larry Wild; Rosemary Winters; Jaylene, Maja & Julian Wright.

Last Published: January 12, 2018 9:03 AM