News and Upcoming Events

Trinity's Good News Daily ("the blue thing") can be found here.

Altar Flowers, Sanctuary, Outreach Food - We have Altar Flowers and a Sanctuary candle during our recorded services in the church. Would you like to donate the flowers or candle in memory of someone or in thanksgiving for someone? The Altar Flowers are $40.00 and the Sanctuary Candle is $5.00 per Sunday. Outreach is once again giving away food on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday- If you would like to donate to Outreach's purchase of food at the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank, the cost is $35.00 for half truck of food or $70.00 for a whole truck of food. You may send a check made out to Trinity with your donation request on a sheet of paper for any of the above. We will remember your donation in a future bulletin.


Amirah Ahmed, of Fredericksburg Muslim Youth, the local Muslim youth group, is looking to begin a Youth Interfaith Committee for the Fredericksburg faith community that will allow youth from all faiths to grow an interfaith community to facilitate important discussions for unity. Panel events, monthly meetings, and programs will be held virtually until it is safe to meet in person. The goal is to uplift youth of faith and to help youth better understand their differences and similarities. Parents, if your youth is interested in being Trinity’s representative to the Youth Interfaith Committee, please have them contact Sam Burton at for an application. A representative and an alternate will be chosen from those Trinity youth who apply.


Lenten Offering - At the 2009 General Convention, the Lenten Season was officially designated as a time to encourage the Episcopal community to remember and support the life-saving work of Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD). Trinity is offering mite boxes that were included in the Lent To Go bags. Or you may mail a check to Trinity (825 College Ave., 22401) with ERD in the memo space or donate through our website at (click on Giving and then Online). Our offerings will go to ERD’s Global Needs Fund to reach those most in need around the world. We truly hope you will consider contributing to this campaign.


This year’s Easter Offering will go to cover the expense of Trinity’s participation in our annual Rise Against Hunger meal packing event that we hope will occur later in the year when it is safe. The combination of your generosity and the hard work of many Trinitarians and guests means that we have packed tens of thousands of meals for hungry people all around the globe.  As is traditional, the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday offering will go to support the ministries of the four dioceses of the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East.