Trinity Prayer List

Trinity maintains a prayer list that is printed in The Good News Daily (the blue sheet) every week.  To add a name to the prayer list, contact our Office Manager by clicking here

Please remember in your daily prayers the following people who are sick or recuperating:

New names this week are listed in bold.

Aaron; Adam; Betty Jo; Caroline; Cathy; Connie; Craig; Dan; Davis; Debbie; Deborah; Debra; Dee; Erik; Frank; Jack & Pat; James; Janet; John; Jon; Kathleen; Laura; Lisa; Marci; Marilyn; Mario; Michael; Mike; Nancy; Paula; Phil; Rachel; Raymond; Rich; Richard; Robert; Rusty; Shannon; Sharon; Sonja; Tom; Vaughan; Veronica; Wendy; Wesley; Anne R. Adams (Jeff’s mom); Susan Anderson; Chuck B.; Anne Barge; Maria Barnhart; Michael Barrett; Waldo Beck; Kevin Byrne; Angie Campbell; Randall Clingenpeel; Sharon D.; Desiree Daniels; Alda Dell; Neil Edwards; Bill & Pat Farr; Allan & Holly Feliciano; Pearle Galatas; Rose Gallup; Dorothy Gassel; Alice Glover; Tony Griswold; Barbara Harkins; Bunny Harris; Emily Hinkley; Rachel Hoffman; Barry Holliday; Edward Homendy; Russ Kidd; Scott Kizner; Sophie Manning; Karen Maxey; Jack McGraw; Godwin Nosa; Martha Old; Chip & Jeffrey Palmer; Heather Cameron Ploen; Winifred Relyea; Tina Revis; David Roberts; Jean Shiffert; Marianne Simpson; Anne Smith; Denise Symonds; Sherry Tanner; John Thompson; May Jane Tillman; Susy Vargas-Soliz; Carlin, Teara & Caia Venaglia; Kelly Weber; Alda White; Jean Wilbur; Tom Williams, Alva Windham, Paul, and Betty.


In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer we pray for the Extra-Provincial Churches and in the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer we pray for Grace (Kolmarnock) and Westover (Charles City).