Trinity Prayer List

Trinity maintains a prayer list that is printed in The Good News Daily (the blue sheet) every week.  To add a name to the prayer list, contact our Office Manager by clicking here

Please remember in your daily prayers the following people who are sick or recuperating:

New names this week are listed in bold.

Aaron; Adam; Betty Jo; Caroline; Cathy; Connie; Craig; Dan; Davis; Debbie; Deborah; Debra; Dee; Erik; Frank; Jack & Pat; James; Janet; John; Jon; Kathleen; Laura; Lisa; Marci; Marilyn; Mario; Michael; Mike; Nancy; Paula; Phil; Rachel; Raymond; Rich; Richard; Robert; Rusty; Shannon; Sharon; Sonja; Tom; Vaughan; Veronica; Wendy; Wesley; Anne R. Adams (Jeff’s mom); Susan Anderson; Chuck B.; Anne Barge; Maria Barnhart; Michael Barrett; Waldo Beck; Kevin Byrne; Angie Campbell; Sharon D.; Desiree Daniels; Alda Dell; Neil Edwards; Allan & Holly Feliciano; Pearle Galatas; Rose Gallup; Dorothy Gassel; Alice Glover; Tony Griswold; Barbara Harkins; Bunny Harris; Emily Hinkley; Rachel Hoffman; Barry Holliday; Edward Homendy; Scott Kizner; Sophie Manning; Karen Maxey; Jack McGraw; Godwin Nosa; Martha Old; Heather Cameron Ploen; Ruth Rees; Winifred Relyea; Tina Revis; Jean Shiffert; Marianne Simpson; Anne Smith; Denise Symonds; Sherry Tanner; John Thompson; May Jane Tillman; Sheila Vickers-Smith; Susy Vargas-Soliz; Carlin, Teara & Caia Venaglia; Kelly Weber; Alda White; Jean Wilbur; Tom Williams, Alva Windham.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer we pray for The Church of Ireland and in the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer we pray for the Lutheran, Anglican, Roman Catholic and United Methodist dioceses, synods and conferences, and for the Congregation and Clergy of St. Mark’s Richmond.