Trinity Prayer List

Trinity maintains a prayer list that is printed in The Good News Daily (the blue sheet) every week.  To add a name to the prayer list, contact our Office Manager by clicking here

Please remember in your daily prayers the following people who are sick or recuperating:

New names this week are listed in bold

Adam; Arnold; Ashley; Betty Jo; Crystal; Dave; Davis; Debbie; Dee Ann; Diana; Dudley; Gale; Gina; Gwen; Jerry; Jim; Larry; Michael; Noah; Paul; Quinn; Rachel; Rich; Richard; Sharon; Susan; Wendy; Thelma Anderson; Lissa B.; Janet Bailey; Anne Barge; the Bischoff Family; Anne Blosser; Pat & Kelly Blosser; Becky Bradley; Nancy Byrum; Krista C.; Paige Caldwell; Judith Cameron; Lucy Lou Carlock; Laurie Coleman; Sylvia Cook; Ron & Vivian Dobey; Philip Dunbar; Kitty Durity; Allan Feliciano; Pearle Galatas; Rose Gallup; Robert Garnett; Alice & Don Glover; Will Goldschmidt; Harry Graham; Dorothy Gassel; Kathy Hancock; Dennis Harden; Barbara Harkins; Jim Heltzel; Richard & Diane Henze; Rachel Hoffman; Barry Holliday; Dora Holman; Leonard Holman; Ted Hontz; Edward Homendy; Beverly King; George King; Tina Lambert; Jim Lang; Rusty Lewis; Betsy Maloney; Gary Mather; William McSpadden; Evelyn Mitchell; Clarence Mills: Linda Oates; Ron Okrasinski; Thomas Parker; Arlene Patterson; Kent Rahm; Carla Rincones; David Roberts; Pamela Rosedale; Ruth Rees; Lynn Schoonover; Erik Schuman; Marianne Simpson; Greg Smith; Jacoby Smith; Larry Smith; Kayla Stephenson; M’Kai Stephenson; Ed Steinkoenig; Randi Stokes; Abigail Swink; Paris Swisher; Dan Tallett; John Thompson; May Jane Tillman; Myrna Tolley; Sheila Vickers-Smith; Lionel Walls; Rosemary Winters.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer we pray for the Spanish Episcopal Reformed Church and in the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer we pray for the Lutheran, Anglican, Roman Catholic and United Methodist dioceses, synods and conferences in Virginia and their bishops.