seeking a new shepherd


After the services on Sunday when Rev. Sarah Brockenbrough preached, the questions indicated I need to clarify some terms.

Rev. Brockenbrough is the Diocesan Transition Minister which means she’ll be a resource for us as we search for a Rector over the next several months. She has already met with the Vestry prior to preaching Sunday and will continue to be our contact with the Diocese.

We will have Supply Priests for worship services for the next few months. Rev. Bambi Willis, Rev. David Casey, and Chaplain Jere Hinson will be among our supply priests, as will others from time to time to cover different services.

In coordination with Rev. Brockenbrough and the Diocese, the Vestry will select an Interim Rector, who will then be confirmed by the Bishop, hopefully by the end of the summer. To be eligible to be Interim Rector, a priest must have had special training to help parishes through their transition period. An Interim Rector is not eligible to become our permanent Rector.

Our new Rector will be identified by the Search Committee appointed by the Vestry, approved by the Vestry, and confirmed by the Bishop. So – we’ve begun our journey, officially known as our transition period, and we all must pray for guidance and discernment that we and our new Rector find each other. If you have questions, please feel free to ask any Vestry member.  

Claire Curcio, Senior Warden


In a huge step of our transition, the Vestry has appointed a Search Committee of Bruce Adkins, Chris Brantley, Dan Gray, Prudence Jarvis, Paige Kerby, Karla Snellings, and Alda White. Alda and Karla have agreed to co-chair the committee and have already begun their preparations to do so. We believe we have selected a committee to fit the criteria established by the Diocese and are very thankful that these individuals have agreed to accept such an important and time-consuming responsibility.

As the Vestry elected Search Committee members, we followed the Diocesan rules and suggestions: confirmed Episcopalians, no Vestry members, no Vestry spouses, no couples on the committee, and no staff members. We looked for people with particular skills needed by the committee, as well as the capability of working as a team and maintaining confidentiality. We thank everyone in the parish who volunteered to serve or nominated others to be on the committee.

Supply Priest

During our time of transition, we will have supply priest leading us in worship. Our supply priest are:

Rev. Bambi Willis

Rev. David P. Casey, OP

Chaplin Jerome A. Hinson

Rev. Kyle Tomlin

Transition Timeline

-The Vestry meets with the transition ministry office.
The Vestry met with Rev. Brockenbrough during the June 12th Vestry meeting.

-The Vestry decides if Trinity will have an Interim Rector or a Rector in charge.
The Vestry chose to select an Interim Rector. An Interim Rector has specialized training to help parishes through their transition period. The Interim Rector is not eligible to become our permanent Rector.

-A search committee is commissioned.
Trinity's search committee has been selected. Members are Bruce Adkins, Christ Brantley, Dan Gray, Prudence Jarvis,  Paige Kerby. The Search Committee co-chairs are Alda White and Karla Snellings. The search committee commissioning will be on August 11th.

-A Community Ministry Portfolio is complied by the search committee with input from the congregation. This   portfolio will be approved by the Vestry and the Bishop.

-The Search Committee will receive names and selects finalist after the office of transition ministry vets the  candidates.