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The Rev. Bambi Willis
Long Term Supply Priest

Bambi grew up in New Jersey and came down to the University of Mary Washington where she graduated in 1973, with a degree in mathematics and physics.  After a brief stint in the corporate world, she found her joy raising three children and engaging in the work of conflict resolution with a local mediation center in Fredericksburg.  She then went to Virginia Seminary in 1991, as a lay student.  After six years, she graduated with a Master of Theological Studies degree.  She subsequently did a residency in pastoral care at MCV, later working as a staff chaplain at Mary Washington Hospital before entering the ordination process.  She was ordained a priest in 2005.

She has served churches in Richmond and Bowling Green and now as Long Term Supply Priest at Trinity.  She recently returned to Virginia Seminary as a preaching fellow and absolutely delight living the preaching life!  In addition to preaching, her greatest joys are found in pastoral care and spiritual formation.  


Last Published: February 19, 2020 9:59 AM