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Trinity Prayer List

Trinity Prayer List

Trinity maintains a prayer list that is printed in The Good News Daily (the blue sheet) every week.  To add a name to the prayer list, contact our Office Manager by clicking here

Please remember in your daily prayers the following people who are sick or recuperating:

New names this week are listed in bold

Aaron; Adam; Arthur; Betty; Bill; Buddy; Carla; Carolyn; Carter; Chris; Cija; Darryl; David; Davis; Dee Ann; Dennis; Ed; Elizabeth; Frank; Glenn; Graeme & Kelly; Hallie; Heather; Holly; Janet; Jeannine; Jim; John; Kathy; Keith; Kyle; Lars; Lashona; Linda; Lori; Lucas; Mark; Matt; Matthew; Matthew; Melissa; Mike; Mindy; Paul; Peggy; Rachel; Randy; Rich; Sam; Scott; Shannon; Tammy; Wayne; William; Bob Aberg; Frances Allport; Rob Allred; Carl Anderson; Thelma Anderson; Carlene B.; Shane B.; Janet Bailey; Anne Barge; Mary Beirne; Anne Blosser; Pat & Kelly Blosser; Nancy Breaux; Jennifer Brinkman; the Caine Family; Carol Ann Campbell; Kathleen Carroll; Nancy Chastain; Chris Chewning; Tabatha Christine; Patricia Connell; Bob Cowan; Claire Curcio; Jimmie D.; Donna Daniels; Carroll Daymude; the Delano family; Charlie Dickinson; Ron & Vivian Dobey; Joyce Fairbanks & family; Anna Formando; Pearle Galatas; Rose Gallup; Gary Garrison; Don Glover; Donna Greenawalt; Marcie Greggs; Dominic H.; Bren & Alan Handford; Dave Henderson; Kim Henemyre; Len and Dora Holman; Torrence Harmon; Godwin Izekor; Brenda & Victor James; William Jarvis, Sr.; JayeP Johnson; Ralph Johnson; Sally Kari; Jen Kimball & Sven vanBaars; George King; Cheryl Knowles; Nick L.; Larry Lancaster; Mary Latta; Bill Lenhart; Emily Macina; Betsy Maloney; Dennis Manning; Jessica Martin; the Mauney family; Matt McDonough; Daniel Meeks; Sean Meiers; Caleb Merendino; Brown & Margaret Morton; Tricia Neale; the Newman family; Cassie Newman; Sharon Osmon; Elaine P.; Wells Parker; Lois Patterson; David Persinger; Javyn and Xayvion Powell; John Powell; SJ Prakken; Kent Rahm; Pamela Rosedale; Kristin Rosser; Audie S.; Kerri S.; JoAnn Schrass; Sheila Vickers-Smith; Joy Snellings; Tom Specht; Charles Sydnor; Jarris T.; the Tanner Family; Dan Tallett; Wesley Tallett; Weber & Edward Taylor; the Thomas Family; John Thompson; May Jane Tillman; Kathy Truslow; Frank Tuscany; Gerhard Vienna; Bob White; Tim Wienckowski; Larry Wild; Jim Williams, Patrick and Rosemary Winters and their parents, Jen and Richard.


In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer we pray for The Diocese of Ughelli (Nigeria) and in the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer we pray for the Lutheran, Anglican, Roman Catholic and United Methodist dioceses, synods and conferences in Virginia and their bishops and for the Congregations and clergy of St. Aidan’s, Alexandria; and Holy Cross, Batesville.




Last Published: November 9, 2017 4:19 PM