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September 12th & 19th, 10:30am-12pm

Fall Lectio Divina Series

With Tom Rotella

Come and join me in the ancient practice of Lectio Divina whose roots trace back to St. Benedict in the 6th Century.  


Lectio is a sacred way of reading and engaging scripture, letting the words speak directly to you in very personal and often profound ways. For this series, however, let’s think out of the box a bit.  We will not only read from scripture, but also from contemporary writings, poems, song lyrics, all of which can uplift and connect us to the Divine (and we hope St. Benedict won’t be spinning in his grave.) 


We’ll make time for reading, silence, prayer and sharing, understanding that everything we share in group is confidential.  The group will meet in the Lounge every Thursday morning from 10-11:30 am beginning October 6th and ending November 17th. 


Registration is not required. Just drop by as you can. I will supply copies of each week’s reading so you don’t have to bring a thing with you expect an open heart.

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Monday-Friday, 10AM-2PM

Micah Donation Request

1013 Princess Anne

Micah is in dire need of adult clothes, blankets, coats, socks, shoes, and underwear. If you have any donations, please drop them off at 1013 Princess Anne from 10am-2pm, Monday through Friday.


Any donations are greatly appreciated.  

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October 1st, 9AM-1PM

Loss & Peace Quiet Day

Honoring Grief: Looking Toward New Hope

A Quiet Day sponsored by Trinity and Open To All


Take a moment and consider all that has changed since the beginning of 2020. I imagine most of us had plans for the year, vacations, family reunions, celebrations that we looked forward to. 


When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we closed most businesses, including churches, we sheltered at home, we wondered what was safe and what was not.


We wore masks, we used gallons of hand sanitizer, we might have let our grocery bags sit outside for a few hours before bringing them inside. We learned maintained community through phone and text and zoom and livestream. We waited for it to end.


Our lives as a community, country, and world will be forever changed by this pandemic-time. 


M. Scott Peck famously wrote, “Life is difficult.” * Wherever you are in your life journey, we invite you to Join us as we honor our losses, and lift our eyes toward resurrection and new life.


Our quiet days are open to youth and adults, October 1st from 9-1 pm. Light lunch provided.


*Peck, M. Scott, The Road Less Traveled, I978

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October 2nd, 10AM at Trinity during service

Blessing of the Animals

All animals (great or small!) are welcome for a blessing on the lawn, weather permitting on October 2nd! Our 8 am service will be pet free, but our 10 am service will contain the blessing of the pets. 


We will also be collecting food for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens to donate to the FXBG SPCA.


Please bring pet food and place it in the back of the church or in the Narthex. All donations will be taken to the SPCA on October 10th. 

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Saturday, October 8th, 9:30AM

via Zoom in Barber Hall


Doodling with Jesus

led by Alice Berecka

Zen, n. = a state of meditative calm, a feeling of peace and relaxation


Doodle, v. = to make designs on paper


Alice Berecka returns to lead us through this fun and prayerful workshop! In this Zen Doodle workshop, you will learn a simple, 8-step process that will allow you to doodle your way into a state of zen, no artistic skills required!


You will discover that anything is possible, one stroke of the pen at a time. 


Follow along with Alice Berecka and join with parishioners from Trinity Episcopal Church and All Saints' Episcopal Church on Saturday morning, October 8th at 9:30 am (EST)/8:30 am (CST) as we use simple materials to create small works of art such as those pictured here. 


Sign-up sheet in the Narthex! Open to all ages, no experience necessary. All materials provided. All are welcome! 

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October 10th, 5:30-7:00 PM

Trinity's Italian Dinner

Top off your holiday weekend on Monday, October 10th from 5:30 until 7:00 pm at Trinity's Italian Dinner in Barber Hall. 


Specially prepared lasagna with braised beef short ribs (meatless lasagna available) and a special dessert will highlight this year’s event. Delizioso! Garlic bread, meatballs, salad, pasta (including gluten free) topped with your choice of homemade tomato or Alfredo sauces and beverages for all ages will provide a memorable evening of good food and fellowship. 


There is no charge for the dinner; donations will be accepted. All proceeds support the outreach efforts of Trinity's Brotherhood of Saint Andrew Chapter. Mangia! Mangia!

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News From Trinity's Library

I’d like to introduce you to a book in our library, Faith After Doubt by Brian McLaren.


Brian is an American pastor, author, and speaker. Richard Rohr writes, “Anything written by Brian McLaren is always filled with insight, courage, and creative theology, refining the meaning of orthodoxy in our time.” 


Brian asks these questions: “Was Jesus a fool to keep faith through his dying breath, to translate his feelings of forsakenness into a prayer? Was he a fool to think the legacy of the prophets, his cousin John, and his mother Mary were worth staying for, to save that legacy from corruption by the religious gatekeepers of his day? Was Jesus a fool to think that the tiny handful of people who got only a sliver of his message could outlive him and do greater things than he had done?  Are you willing to be that kind of fool?  I am.”


When I read this quote for the first time it stopped me in my tracks.  How might I answer McLaren’s question?  We have two copies of Faith After Doubt in our library. I’ve put them in the book rack across from Ida Beck.  Consider borrowing one and see what you think.


-Tom Rotella, Chair, Library Committee

The School of Earth and Soul

Celtic Wisdom 2: Sacred Earth

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John Philip Newell will offer The School of Earth and Soul (formerly known as the School of Celtic Consciousness) at Shrine Mont October 19th-21st. 


In 2016 John Philip Newell began a teaching initiative that is now called The School of Earth & Soul (formerly The School of Celtic Consciousness.) Its purpose is to reawaken awareness of the sacred in all things through the recovery of Celtic wisdom for today and to help translate this awareness into compassionate action and justice.


The School follows a three-year cycle of teaching and spiritual practice in its annual retreats. Participants may join at any stage in the three-year cycle and attend any of the Earth & Soul venues across the country.


Celtic Wisdom 1: Sacred Soul (reawakening to the sacredness of every human being through the teachings of Pelagius, St Brigid, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)


Celtic Wisdom 2: Sacred Earth (reawakening to the sacredness of the earth and every creature through the teachings of Eriugena, the Carmina Gadelica, and John Muir)


Celtic Wisdom 3: Sacred Vision (reawakening to the sacredness of the human imagination and compassionate action through the teachings of Alexander John Scott, George MacLeod, and Kenneth White)


To learn more about this event,

click here


What's Mother Cynthia Reading?

Looking for something to read this Summer? Here are just two selections from Mother Cynthia's own reading list!


Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human Experience by Brené Brown


In Atlas of the Heart, Brown takes us on a journey through 87 of the emotions and experiences that define what it means to be human. As she maps the necessary skills and an actionable framework for meaningful connection, she gives us the language and tools to access a universe of new choices and second chances - a universe where we can share and steward the stories of our bravest and most heartbreaking moments with one another in a way that builds connection.


To check out the book, click here.


The Art of Noticing by Rob Walker


Welcome to the era of white noise. Our lives are in constant tether to phones, to email, and to social media. In this age of distraction, the ability to experience and be present is often lost: to think and to see and to listen.


Enter Rob Walker's The Art of Noticing—an inspiring volume that will help you see the world anew. Through a series of simple and playful exercises—131 of them—Walker maps ways for you to become a clearer thinker, a better listener, a more creative workplace colleague, and finally, to rediscover what really matters to you.


To check out the book,click here.


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