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The ministries here at Trinity are as unique as our congregation. They were birthed from the work that we feel we're called to do. Here are brief descriptions of what they are, and who is shepherding them in the name of God's love. 

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Our outreach goes beyond Tuesday Nights. We are a community that prides itself on how we hold each other in love. From pastoral care to grief support, we'll hold space for you.

Committee for Racial Healing 

Sparked by the murder of George Floyd, Trinity has become a center of racial healing in Fredericksburg, committed to working for justice and healing.

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Daughters of the King (DoK)

Pants have been known to travel in a sisterhood, but here's one that's worldwide, guided by one mission statement founded on God's love. 

Brotherhood of Saint Andrew

The Brotherhood of Saint Andrews provides men a way to deepen their sense of their roles in their families, to become leaders in their community, and to contemplate the divine amongst one another. 

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The House

Life is a journey; one worth taking with others. From your college years forward, the conversations only deepens. 


Believe it or not, Micah started with a cup of coffee at Trinity. Now, it extends deep into the heart of the Fredericksburg community. 

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