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Trinity has a rich tradition of beautiful music to support our worship services. We are always interested in meeting singers and musicians.  


As we resume our program year, all are welcome to join Trinity Choir. We rehearse Thursdays at 7 pm, in the choir room below Jameson Hall. It’s easiest to enter by the stairs on the Labyrinth side.

“But what if I’m not a good singer, or I can’t read music?” We support and accommodate singers of all skill levels! Our rehearsals are designed to allow anyone to learn their parts. The goal of a choir’s sound is to blend and balance together. Solos are entirely voluntary (and we do sort of hide behind the altar, if standing in front of everyone makes you nervous).


There is always a place in Trinity Choir for anyone who wishes to make music and praise God during our services. And we do manage to have plenty of fun together, while doing it!


For more information, contact our choir director, Michael Cooper-Smyth, at

Rehearsal times

9:45 am    Sundays
7:00 pm    Thursdays

New members always welcome!

About our Music director

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Our Director of Music Michael Cooper-Smyth can be reached at

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