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The Labyrinth

May you find peace, inspiration, or whatever you seek as you walk our labyrinth. 


Walking the labyrinth helps connect body, mind, and spirit. The Reverend Lauren Artress, an Episcopal priest and leader in the worldwide labyrinth movement, describes the labyrinth as “a spiritual tool that has many applications in various settings.  It reduces stress, quiets the mind, and opens the heart.  It is a walking meditation, a path of prayer.”


Our labyrinth, on the grounds of Trinity Church, provides:

  • a place where individuals have an opportunity to calm their mind, reduce stress, and enjoy peace, quiet, and time for prayer and reflection.  For some, walking the labyrinth may become a spiritual practice to enhance prayer life.


  • a way for our church members to grow spiritually, and thus increase the spiritual vitality of our congregation as a whole.

  • a wonderful opportunity for our children and youth to develop a prayer life that will help them grow spiritually throughout adulthood.

  • a place for prayer, meditation, or reflection for all in the Fredericksburg community (e. g., Fredericksburg Region churches, other churches in the area, UMW students, church neighbors). Our labyrinth is open to all, day or night.

  • an outward and visible sign of the importance of prayer at Trinity Church.  It is good stewardship to use the land with which we have been blessed to provide a place where everyone in our community may come for comfort and peace, for prayer and meditation, or perhaps to experience a sense of spiritual, mental, and physical well-being in their lives.

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