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Caring For Trinity

Life is difficult. If you have an emergency and need pastoral support, please call the church office at (540) 373-2996

We have a variety of people who minister to those in need, whether in the hospital, homebound, or experiencing an acute family emergency. Here are some of the ways we love our neighbor:

Parish Shepherds - Each week a Parish Shepherd visits those in the hospital who have notified the office of their hospital stay.  There can also be follow-up visits to rehabilitation centers.


Caregivers' Support Group - This group offers support to anyone who cares for an ill or disabled adult or child. Over its seven year history our membership has included husbands or wives caring for a spouse; adult children caring for an aging parent; and parents providing long-term care for a sick or disabled child. Those being cared for have had cancer, dementia, and a host of other illnesses. The group members support each other as they deal with everyday problems and frustrations of caring for a loved one in need. Most members have been Trinitarians but we have also welcomed caregivers from outside our parish. While caregivers must sometimes mask their true feelings around others, this group provides a safe, confidential place to discuss freely their anxieties, fears, frustrations and very real problems associated with daily caregiving. Those who have participated say that they have found this group to be a safe place to share their feelings and have learned much from each other in the process. This group meets from 10:00 am to 11:30 am in Trinity’s Library on the second Thursday of each month.


For more information contact Brenda Chase via email at


Drop-In Grief Support Group - This support group exists for grieving parishioners who are searching for a supportive and confidential setting to share experiences related to coping with significant losses in their lives.  While a grief support group cannot take away a grieving person’s pain, it can be a reminder that you are not alone.  A grief shared is a grief less heavy.  Sometimes it makes all the difference if we have someone to talk with and listen to us.  It helps to hear others say that they have had similar thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  Participants often discover solidarity in weakness, in brokenness, and in woundedness.


Each stand-alone session begins with a short devotion, followed by an informative ten-fifteen minute overview of a grief-related topic.  Participants are invited to react, as well as to share their own concerns.  Experiences have proven that it’s in the sharing that often participants experience a lifting of their grief burden, and being among others who speak the language  of grief can be healing and comforting.  While participants are free to talk about their losses, it is totally acceptable to choose to remain silent.


This group meets the third Monday of each month from 10:30 am – Noon in the Lounge. 


Contact Randall Clingenpeel at (540) 207-0600 for additional details.

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