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Sunday School
and Beyond

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Helping Them Grow

Through age-appropriate Bible stories and activities, we help children and youth develop morals and Christian sensibilities. In partnership with parents and families, our Sunday School and Youth Programs help children develop as citizens of the community, within the church, and as God's people.

Life-long Friendships

Sunday School, and Youth Group activities help develop friendships and communal bonds that can last a lifetime.

We want our children to know they are not alone but rather are part of a larger community that loves and supports them. 


Youth Groups

Our older youth are meeting after church on Sundays for fellowship and projects. Please contact Jennifer Gates Gray to connect with our youth group.

Come join us as we begin another year of fun and fellowship!

Image by Aaron Burden

To register for Sunday School,

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To register for Youth - Service - Action (our Youth Group),

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